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The tale of two cities…

Chicago is no stranger to racial injustice.  Borne out of the tragic assassination of Laquan McDonald is the opportunity for our city not only to face its ugly history of structural, persistent racism, but also to forge a different path forward—with the will of its citizens—to a different future.  We believe that this potential for transformation will only have a chance to succeed if Chicago’s faith leaders and religious community unite with a strong moral voice—and an articulated agenda—for confronting and ending the history of racism in Chicago.
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Who We Are


The Interfaith Coalition Against Racism (ICAR) works to dismantle racism within our city of Chicago, state of Illinois, and our nation.  We accomplish this through interfaith collaboration, cross-cultural programming, relationship building, advocacy and activism.   We seek to embody our faith and build the Beloved Community together.


In order to make the biggest impact for racial justice in Chicago, we seek to gather the leading clergy and houses of worship in order to articulate a moral voice for changes that need to be made, and to do the honest work of relating with each other to build for ourselves the Beloved Community we hope becomes the city of Chicago.

How We Help

There are three areas to our work:

  1. The first is the work of relating to each other so that as individuals we can build deep bonds that will allow us to move forward.  We achieve this work through two means: for the members of our congregations, we regularly schedule peace circles [and train circle leaders] where honest conversations around race can occur; for the leaders of ICAR, we have the further opportunity of working, planning, discussing and advocating together.
  2. The second arena of our efforts affords us opportunities for reflecting through lectures, books reviews, shared worship, and other educational programs.
  3. We seek to do the work of reforming Chicago and our wider society through a disciplined approach of partnering with and influencing government and other powers through advocacy, activism, and raising our moral voice.


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